New Advertising Payout for SportsTalkSocial.com

We just had our first payment to the new bitcoin address for @sports-gov on Hive-Engine! ![Payment.p

Updated SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

I'm sorry for the month off but I'm extremely happy to be here to issue the newest advertising report for SportsTalkSocial.com! The past…

New Advertising Payout for SportsTalkSocial.com

Just like that and we have another advertising payout from the ads that run on SportsTalkSocial.com ! On May 13th, a-ads pa

April SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

I'm very happy with SportsTalkSocial.com 's performance last month. We are already closing in on another payout from a-ads.com and…

March SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

March Madness has come and gone and now this is the second advertising report to relay how our new program is progressing. This is also…

First Advertising Payout for SportsTalkSocial.com

I'm excited to share that over the last few days that we've received the first advertising payout for SportsTalkSocial.com's new…

Proposal To Effectively Eliminate Ad-Free Viewing Staking Reward

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February SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

This is the first advertising report since launching the revised advertising system for SportsTalkSocial.com . I anticipate posting…