Friday 12th May - Online Meetup - What are Crypto NFT's? with Dr. Jesse Reich (aka @aggroed)

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The Global Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Trading Meetup Community Presents

What are Crypto NFT's?

When: Friday 12th March 20:00 GMT

Where: RSVP on (


Meetup Details:

NFT's are exploding in the crypto sphere, but what the heck are they? Are they worth investing in or are they just a fad?

This week we have a guest speaker. Dr. Jesse Reich. Jesse, aka @aggroed, is the co-founder of Splinterlands, a trading card game. Launched in 2018, Splinterlands has been played tens of millions of times, the cards are collectively worth millions of dollars, players have traded over a million dollars worth of cards with each other, and it's become the most frequently played game in crypto!

Having launched one of the earliest NFT blockchain games, Aggroed will be explaining to us what exactly NFTs are & what problems they solve.

So join us on the 12th March for what I promise to be an informative evening. NFT's are such a hot topic in the blockchain and crypto space and seem to be a buzz for 2021. But will the buzz last?

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I won't be there in person but will look forward to watching the recording. 😊

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