Security and safety with Cryptocurrency - Uncut recording

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Uncut recording hosted by the Global Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Trading Meetup Community (24th May 2021)

Topic: Security and safety with Cryptocurrency
Staying safe in cryptocurrency means you need to know how to keep yourself safe and how to watch out for scams. In this meetup, we disused pyramid and Ponzi schemes such as trading bots and cloud mining, phishing scams with bogy websites and faulty wallets, giveaways - you send me I will send you popular on Youtube and Twitter along with scam comments. We also discuss Rug pulls and contract hacks.

In addition to discussing scams, we also disused in brief Key security and exchanges. Remember not your keys, not your coins.

In this meetup, we also launched our new contest - the coin of the month. You must be a member of the meetups group to take part in the contest.

*******Join us at a meetup*********

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