Tutorial - Using Excels new STOCKHISTORY function to get historic Cryptocurrency pricing into Excel

4 months ago
1 Min Read
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Two weeks back I announced an upcoming function in Excel that will allow you to get historic cryptocurrency pricing into Excel, The preview proved popular and I am delighted to share with you today a full tutorial on using the new STOCKHISTORY function in Excel to get historic pricing information into your spreadsheets without the need to connect to an API.

When Coinmarketcap changed its API, much of the data available became part of a premium service. This was a blow to many, like myself. However, the introduction of this new Excel function will fill the gap for many. At the moment, historic information is available for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecion, Etherum, Bitcoin Cash and XRP.

In addition to cryptocurrency pricing, STOCKHISTORY also works with Stock, bonds, Equities and FX.

I hope that you enjoy the tutorial and I hope that you will like and share the video. I can't wait to hear your feedback, please do leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the new STOCKHISTORY function in Excel

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