Using Hivetips when Curating the web

2 months ago
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A few weeks back I started a new weekly series, The Excel Curation Corner. I have been using the brave browser and have collected some $bat so I have been using these as tips on the content I was curating. Brave makes it nice and easy to tip and I have a video that I link to in the curation corner showing others how they can support creators and how creators can get verified to collect tips.

This week I added the use of #hivetips to my curation video. I'm sure many of my peeps and followers have some awareness of Hive already. I have been promoting Excel For All, the Excel community here on Hive and I still run the learn and earn activities, based on Hive. So the 'brand' hive will not be new to many. This just helps reinforce the message and hopefully encourage more to sign up.

Anyway, feel free to check out the video. And sure if you like any of the content or creators that I share, feel free to use Hivetips and show them some support. I think using Hive tips is a great way to attract creators, and if crypto tipping becomes the 'norm', its also a great way to attract consumers that want to reward the favorite creators. You will find links to the videos I tipped in the description of the Youtube video.

Do you think as Hive users we should be curating more of the web this way? Or do you think we should focus our attention on curating content published on Hive? I would love to know your thoughts as I will be preparing a post on the topic soon.