A simple guide to buy and sell vouchers in Splinterlands

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下載.jpg New to Splinterlands? Wonder how to sell your extra voucher in your Splinterlands account? if you have these two questions in your mind, then this guide is for you. menu.bmp

  • First, click SHOP, then click SEND as circled in red. blue line.png send.bmp
  • Enter the balance of vouchers you wanna send out. in my case, the maximum vouchers I have is 1.453, so I send out 1.453 vouchers.

blue line.png


You can trade your vouchers in leodex . click your wallet and check the row which belongs to voucher in your wallet, then click the second icon circled in red.

blue line.png

trade1.jpg enter the price you wanna sell. if you wanna sell quickly, you can click market order. in my case, I wanna wait for a reasonable price, so enter 1.18 which is a little lower than the best offer in the market. enter the quantity of vouchers you wanna sell, then click SELL.

blue line.png CHECK.jpg You can check your order by clicking OPEN ORDERS. splinterland line logo.png

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