Barry's Introduction 😋

Source Hello Hivers😎 what's good!!! I'm super excited to be here...hive se

Failure won't last forever

Have you ever felt like a failure? When you target a goal but you don't go beyond that goal. At that time you may feel like a failure.Life…

My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report | Powered up 200 Hive

Today is the start of a brand new month. Every month first day is the Hive power-up day. This month again I'm participating by powering up…

Looking for a twitter alternative that pays you? Try BitClout

We all know how centralized Twitter is but still, we know many people are using Twitter as their promotional platform. Some of the popular…

Another Power Up Day and 40k alt-coins in the bank

It is Power Up Day again . I did not earn much in HIVE rewards, but I did well with POB. Since I didn't make much HIVE, I pulled 5…