Bitcoin tanks, but Hive stays afloat!

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Thank you very much Elon

So, Elon Musk is playing a little game with the entire crypto community. First he buys a shitload of BTC, pumping the price onto 60k USD, but then a few months later he says, Bitcoin is too bad for the environment. Say what? He didn't know that it was mined by computers and energy absorbing machines a few months ago? I don't buy this crap, this is all a game of power between some rich dudes. And Doge, well Doge is Doge.
But the good news is, that Hive is staying afloat amongst all the red numbers. Dollarwise it lost a few percent, but in BTC terms, Hive even went up, so for me that is great news! And it should be for you too!




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HIVE seems to be a contrarian.

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HIVE to the Moon

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Let all the shit fall, when we HIT the BEAR HEX, pulse and LASSECASH will still be going up my friend :)