Join the 1 % club, the aggregation of marginal gains works!

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James Clear

James Clear is a writer, entrepreneur, photographer and who knows what else. But he wrote a very interesting book called "Atomic Habits". In this book he teaches you how to get rid of bad habits and incorporate good habits to reach more wealth or a better health, or whatever your heart desires.
I am not going to describe the entire book here, but one particular chapter of his book is quite interesting for all Leos among us. It is about marginal gains.


The aggregation of marginal gains

You can try to grow your income by a 100 % in one month, and it will maybe work for one month, but it will probably be impossible to that in such a short space of time. So, James Clear says exactly this "Stop chasing that 100 % rise in income", you are looking for a needle in the haystack. It is better to look at the haystack. Let me explain...
Instead of searching for that 100 % rise, search for things in your life, expenditure, income, whatever where you can make a 1 % difference as of that month. For instance, change your credit card and go to a brand where you get a bigger cashback, or drink a pint less when you go to the pub. Stop that Netflix subscription, as you haven't watched it in months. That 1 % can be anywhere.
If you try to do that consistently, you will get wealthier in the long run. Guaranteed. There are even numbers calculated on it. If you can up your income, or cut your spending, by 1 % every month, for 30 years in a row, you will get a return of 3495 %. Or better said, you will make 359000 USD out of 10000 USD in thirty years just by doing this. Just by joining the 1 % club. It has a beautiful name: The aggregation of marginal gains


Translated to Hive

Now, anyone can try and incorporate this into his personal life. And some will succeed in this. But it will take enormous will power to go through with this, every single month. But luckily we have another tool at our disposal here: Hive!
Do you think it is possible to grow your income on Hive by 1 % every single month? I think that is quite achievable, to the contrary, a lot more is achievable. A growth by 2 to 5 % is certainly not impossible if you stay consistent and keep on curating well. So, do you see now, what kind of gem we have at our disposal here, with Hive and Leofinance, and other communities and dApps on this great blockchain.
We are already in the 1 % club, maybe we can make it a 2.5 % club or even bigger.
Who knows? But never forget what kind of gem Hive really is!



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I agree. Cutting back on what your spend and saving it up to compound is a much better approach than finding a higher-paying job.

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Translated to LasseCash.... ::: make quality posts on Anarchy, Crypto and Truth and you get rewarded, who knows maybe one day rich!?!?

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