The infamous CBDC will push crypto to unseen heights!

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Central Bank Digital Currency

The last few weeks we have been hearing more and more about it, the European Central Bank has been preparing the release of a digital EURO since 2019. The development is in the late stages, and the Digital EURO could be here sooner than we think. This all isn't very good news for the privacy of people, and it puts the door open for a social credit system in the future, with CO2 budgets and who knows what coupled to our wallets. Which is on the other hand very good news for the crypto currencies we have right now.


Crypto to escape big brother

A CBDC social credit system will come, I have no doubt about that, the question is only when. That means that people will have to look for other opportunities to escape the mighty eye of big brother watching our finances. There is always cash, but it will be used less and less in the future as more and more shops will go completely cashless. This gives a huge opportunity for crypto currencies to profit from this, and offer an alternative to the hacked privacy of the people by these CBDC. Crypto currencies will become the new cash, that is inevitable. And I think that the ones with the easiest way to transact will be worth most. Believe it or not, but Hive is surely one of them, with 3 seconds transaction time, and transacting doesn't cost you a thing, as long as have enough resource credits. But those reload back in time.


Prepare for the inevitable

As long as this CBDC thing is not there, we can prepare for it. Right now we can load up on crypto currencies, and they are bloody cheap for the moment. Another thing we can do is for the current time, have cash with you, keep on using cash as much as possible. It will be good for your privacy in the future. The less big companies and the government knows about you, the better. I know this al sounds a lot like "tin foil hat" stuff, but believe me it is a reality!

Have a great day, and prepare well!



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I think CBDCs are unavoidable but I really don't like them. It's just giving more power to the government to control everything and imagine being cut off from being a part of the economy because of it.

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CBDC is not true cryptocurrencies and it dangerous end evil.

We should unite as soon as possible and put an end to Illuminati!

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