So Whos Earning LEO? Weekly summary of the LEO Earnings (and some Awards!)

Hi All, love me some good data and stumbled onto some. However just like any data I may have got something wrong so if I have please reach…

Here and Now ~ Hic Et Nunc

Hic et nunc or HEN because latin is hard, is a NFT market place on the Tezos chain. Although it may only be because I follow @Greencross.…

The Outrageous Race is still ON!

The POB Word of the Week Contest for OUTRAGEOUS is on! You still have time to enter your article for a chance at winning Proof of…

Not for the yield, but for the GLORY!

Many yield farms across all the chains, far and wide promise you the most lucrative harvests and tales of the moon. At Rune.Farm I did not…

Are you good with Twitter ? Let me be (and possibly other whales) your Leo sponsor!

Before the main topic of this post, let's first have a look at the traffic stats of as provided by simple analytics…


A few days ago the Hive marketing proposal ad campaign has started. Our Ad dashboard is ready and we have received the first

A First Look at Rune.Farm, a Gaming / DeFi app on Binance Chain

In my last article, I talked about a Defi / Gaming app called Mobox. For this article, we'll be visiting another app on the Binance Chain…

Got hacked, now what?

First of all. Cry. LOL I'm so not kidding. Just - cry. It's ok. I will cry with you. You will absolutely go through the 5 stages…

The ultimate Rug pull

Now I'm not accusing anybody of anything or claiming I have any information about any of the individuals I mentioned in this article.…

DeFi Facades

Just like many, I jumped on the Binance Smart Chain bandwagon. A new blockchain is similar to the Tardis, it always seems rather pointless…

Burn the books

We have come a long way from cooking the books and these days just throw the money straight into the fire. For one the soup no longer…

Neds long lost twin Jeff

Alternative title: "The demise of Uptrennd..." Not as catchy but factually correct. For those who do not know Uptrennd is a…

Hive Blockchain. Skimming the surface.

Basic Understanding of Hive. We can all have our own idea's of what Hive can be. Maybe we all do. Maybe there is a million di

Bananas up your whooza

Last week was another fidgety week in the farming business. Well, every week is but last week was particularly irksome. As a result of…

Announcing BSC Bridge | Instant HIVE > BNB Conversion

Rishi using the bot instead of bothering me. This is probably going to be a short announcement, but an announcement nevertheless.…

Mumbling Mondays

Sooo... I have decided to try posting daily, see where that takes a person. As with all my posts, I imagine most will know that I have…

POB Update: Should I Inject Liquidity Into The POB Market To Raise Funds For Front End Development?

Wow! This has escalated quickly! I did not imagine this growth would happen this fast! Thank you to everyone in the community who has…

Two shits one stone.

Now it could be that two shits weigh in at one stone, which given the size of the population would not really surprise me. Eventually…

Spent Last 1 Hour Hunting Plagiarism On Leofinance - I found myself a new job

I've never had a real job and I honestly don't plan on getting one. For the last one hour I think, I just experienced jus


I wanted to fill in everyone on the work th