My Top Five YouTube Channels for learning about Investments

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I'm busy, busy, busy learning all about investing.

I'm reading websites, signing up for newsletters and watching videos.

YouTube has become my go-to place of learning.

There are plenty of investment related channels to chose from...

My Top Five YouTube Channels

I've been exploring all sorts of financial related YouTube channels over the last few weeks.

There seems to be many of them, with a lot springing up in past 12 - 18 months.

They are all of course "for entertainment only" and definitely not for financial advice !

Working out which channels provide reliable "entertainment" (and valid information) is the tricky bit.

How old the channel is, the number of subscribers and view counts are of course good indicators - but beyond that it is rather trial and error.

The two main channels I watch have both been around for several years and cover wider financial subjects but do give solid investment information...

Graham Stephan [2.71 million subscribers]

Meet Kevin [1.15 million subscribers]

My next two picks are less all round "financial entertainment" and more targeted "stock picker" type channels.

The older of the two is Stock Moe, a teacher and former licensed stockbroker and financial advisor...

Stock Moe [284K subscribers]

The other "stock picker" type channel is My Financial Friend, one of the newer breed of investment channels that has sprung up over the past year or so...

My Financial Friend [77.8K subscribers]

Both Stock Moe and My Financial Friend employ the increasingly popular 'Patreon First' model of revealing their 'hot stock tips' to their paying Patreons before putting them out on YouTube.

It would be interesting to know how their YouTube revenue compares against their monthly Patreon income.

The final pick in my top five is a bit more 'researchy' than the others but produces some very interesting and more in depth investment related videos...

Casgains Academy [98.4K subscribers]

All my top five channels are USA based.

I have been keen to find some good UK based finance / investment YouTube channels.

There a few emerging that I am beginning to explore but none with the track record, the following, or in fact the "entertainment value" of the US channels.

Of the UK channels one that is a bit ahead of the others is ...

MamaFurFur [57K subscribers]

If anyone knows of any other good UK based investment channels do please let me know.

I am soaking up all the information I can from these channels, watching at least a couple of hours of videos every day.

Do comment below if you have any other channels you would recommend.

I have taken a look on 3Speak. The two main finance related channels appear to be from @louisthomas and @rollandthomas.

Both seem to be mainly crypto related which I will get to in a future post. @rollandthomas also produces more general investment related content but it is at a more advanced level that I am currently at.

In the meantime I will keep watching, and keep learning.

Please note, I am not a financial expert and this is not financial advice. Do your own research and seek professional advice if needed.

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