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Sometimes, we human don't know the value of what we have at our disposal until it slips through our hands or gone far too late that will later turn to a tone of regret. Lately, attention has been shifted towards HBD considering the increase of the HBD to 20% APR from 12% APR. Formerly, the HBD which known as HIVE BACKED DOLLAR has been in the dark all these years because people prefer converting the HBD coin immediately Hivians claim their reward on content created. No one
even ever have take chill pills to hold on to their HBD or put it in savings.

What brought out HBD from the dark?

Ever since the increase in the HBD, what really brought out HBD from the dark is the increase in the interest of the savings. It was 12% interest then, but 20% now. This step changed people's perception towards HBD coin. Also, this development has made HBD to become a stablecoin because of the stability in it value compare to other coins like USDT that always and usually swings every minute. Even at that, since we are experiencing the crypto market crash, HBD still maintains it stability and values. Even compare to HIVE market crash,HBD value is still maintained. Since the only coin that has maintain it stability and agility is HBD considering the increase in interest rate of 20% APR interest of the amount you put there in the HBD savings.

HBD! It's a good retirement planning.

Since we are lucky enough to witness the new development on HBD, I mean the increase in the interest rate, it safe to say that it will be good investment for retirement planning. One can invest in saving the HBD which will definitely be yielding interest every now and then. It's the investment for the foreseeable future. It can also be categorically said that, those who can take the advantage of the HBD savings will
understand in theater time why the development on HBD 20% APR savings is really meant for.

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