More Rewards For Delegators? .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 50

I will be short in this dividends distribution report and share with you 2 important pieces of news about the pool and rewards... The…

My Problem With Buying the Dip .:. #MyHiveGoals 2022 Edition!

Markets are bleeding the last couple of days, HIVE is going down from the beginning of this year, most of the people are panic selling…

Shilling is Not Believing!

My main problem in the past was always that I didn't know how to SELL stuff... Many times people said to me directly that I'm not a…

The Power of FOMO .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 49

At the beginning just a clarification of this title... In any way, I don't encourage anyone here to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) into…

Think Differently .:. #MyHiveGoals 2022 Edition!

For all of you guys who know me, you probably know that I don't shill tokens, especially not those that are very risky... That doesn't…

All Altcoins Are Shitcoins?

I think I already wrote about a similar topic, but I think that there is a need to talk about this stuff more often... This time, from a…

Reality Check! .:. Hump Day Easy Talk

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Somewhere at the beginning of this big mess when they have been told that we are "flattening the

Opportunity or The End? .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 48

Sorry, but I have to write about the current state in the cryptosphere... Everyone is panicking, running to the woods... Those who have no…

First Report in 2022 .:. #MyHiveGoals 2022 Edition!

It's time for the first PROGRESS report this year on #MyHiveGoals for 2022! It has passed only 7 days since the creation of the goals so I…

Snapshots, Airdrops, Claimdrops, and Other Headshots .:. Hump Day Easy Write

I have no idea who invented this fabulous term "airdrops" and who implemented them the first time in the cryptocurrencies world, but the…

2 New Members in the Pool! .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 47

Happy New Year, swimmers! :) It's time for distributing some BEE tokens for the first time in 2022... We have mined 14 BEE tokens more…

New Year, New Goals .:. #MyHiveGoals 2022 Edition!

It's great to begin a new year with a clean sheet where we can take new notes, without dealing with stuff from the previous one... This…

Happy New 2022! New 1K HIVE Power Up!.:. January 1st HivePUD

The first impression is the most important! That's why I want to start this 2022 heavy! :) Yeah, I was powering up lately 1K HIVE per…

2021 Hive Year Review!

I'm not used to doing these kinds of stuff, like year reviews, or reviews of any kind... In school, when some exams would finish, at the…

FUD Is a Trigger For Bad Decisions .:. Hump Day Easy Talk

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Do you know what FUD means? According to [Wikipedia](

HIVE Pump Makes Mess on Hive-Engine Market .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 46

I don't want to sugarcoat the story, but after a record amount of mined tokens last week, the reality hit back and balance out the…

Goals Checked Out .:. Final Chapter of #MyHiveGoals 2021

I've arrived at the final chapter of the #MyHiveGoals challenge for this year and there is no better way to finish the story by completing…

Merry Christmas, Family!

As Christmas is all about family and friends, I had to wish all the best to my Hive family and friends that I have met here! It was so…

New Record Again! .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 45

I have to admit that I didn't expect this to happen! We have beaten our old record of 70 BEE tokens mined in one week and we have a new…

One More To Go .:. #MyHiveGoals December 19th, 2021

Only 11 days more until the end of the year and I have reached most of my goals for this year... I have raised the bar twice for my HIVE…