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To even create a basic tribe now it's going to cost you upwards of $600, and to which I think it's a good thing because that's quite an investment for the average Joe to be taking on in this day and age. People that start tribes are now going to be committed, rather than relaxed about it.

In my personal opinion, the price of BEE tokens will go up and tribe creation will cost even more, but, as you said, people that start tribes by investing more money for the start will be much more committed to it... And push hard to succeed...

Unfortunately, some of the tribes that have started before had no clue what to do, and make even damage by creating a bad image of tribes... The perfect example is what you gave in the post, the HH tribe... Luckily, @thelogicaldude jumped in and took it over... And we all know how hard is to "repair" something when damage is done... But, it looks that he has found the way and so far, so good... I think that it's moving in a good direction...

Thanks for sharing your views on other tribes that you have reviewed... Great info!


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