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What a great read! Different topics are covered from different points of view... Comparing with existing technology and giving pros and cons... That's the right way to improve stuff... I would just replace the term "UPGRADE" with improve... IMO, there is no point in upgrading traditional finances as they are completely broken... Bitcoin and blockchain tech is too good to be wasted on the same staff that we are using for decades, and that doesn't work...

As a matter of fact: I have more trust I continue to keep my EURO's safe at some centralised private bank, to when I hold my EURO's on some blockchain with some of the available crypto wallets. The security levels at banks are higher than those around blockchains.

Huh... I have a few problems with this... Firstly, I wouldn't even keep my savings in EUROs... :) and secondly, I wouldn't give them a goat to take care of... lol... and thirdly, I don't think that the network security of BTC is worse than a server in a bank...

when I make a wrong transaction with my bank account, I have a bank that can help me to undo such transaction.

For me, that's the biggest disadvantage of the banks... They can block/change your balance... that's impossible on the blockchain... and we saw that many times (the last time with truckers' protest in Canada)...

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project which will be highlighted in the next post!

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Superrrrr comment., You got me on some nuances I should've made and/or I should've not written somewhere further down the post 😉

Regarding the safety of coins. As I mentioned in the post, I do believe in the safety of the blockchains, maybe at least as safe compared to bank systems, if not better. I also mentioned that it's the workflow to get to the funds that I believe is safer with bank implementation, at least in my country. And even if the workflow is as safe between crypto and banks, when money is stolen from my bank account, I'm covered (in most cases) by our legal system for the losses. In the crypto space, that is not the case at all. Added to that, my government (as most EU governments) insure up to 100k Euro from the state for when my bank goes belly up.

In fact, it happened to me on 2 occasions that money was stolen from my bank account. Mafia-type groups discovered security leaks at my bank and able to get to enough details about me so they could exploit those security leaks. In both cases, I was 100% refunded. I didn't even have to call in lawyers for that. A standard procedure by banks in the Netherlands. I need to discover the first crypto service that does that.

Sure a bank can block accounts (like they did for some Russians recently), but so far so good. never happened to me, and I also think I'll not be in some situation now and in the future, my bank(s) will decide to block my accounts. However, true, it's not guaranteed. My banks changing my balance? Well, not sure what experience you have with your banks, but our banks in the Netherlands (and EU) are heavily monitored by independent authorities. As well as I can see all the transactions on my bank account. A change of balance requires a transaction. When some transaction is not requested by me, the bank has to solve it. When they don't, we have a legal system. Any irregularities will be discovered and when such an irregularity is discovered, the law is on my side, not the side of the bank.

Am not trying to say that we shall not try and move away from our current financial institutions and go the decentralised way. But I think we are not there yet in crypto space in providing the same user experience (or better) as what the traditional fiat world, banks, laws etc are giving us. At least those in my country (and I think in the whole of EU) 😉


But I think we are not there yet in crypto space in providing the same user experience (or better) as what the traditional fiat world, banks, laws etc are giving us.

That's for sure... We are too early and crypto needs a lot more things to build up on top... I know that I'm maybe a "decentralized dreamer", but I really have no trust in any centralized authority... Everything is great and fantastic while things are doing well... THe real problems become visible when something begins to go wrong... As you mentioned Russian bank accounts when everyone pays the price of some idiots... Not ALL bank accounts in the EU from Russian people are mafia money... and if yes, why they accepted that money in the first place? 😃

As you have probably noticed, for me, the first crypto, then EURO... :) And my HODLings say the same, so I do live what I preach... 😃

I hope we will meet at HiveFest and continue chatting!

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I do understand your point and am not necessarily negative toward those views.

Needless to say, crypto wallets are not free from being blocked. If not from the crypto service provider itself, or from node/witnesses of chains or services on top of base chains, then from the USDC organisation :) But yea, BTC on the BTC chain is more secure indeed. But then, no interest on money, and no other services. Since any service on top of BTC chain is more centralised and/or more vulnerable to attacks and stealing funds from the users and whatnot without having the laws and government backing us.

HIVEfest, though am living more or less around the corner of HIVEfest, it's almost 100% sure I'll not be back in the country up to and during HIVEfest. When I will be in time, I may indeed consider swinging by. Otherwise, we can meet outside the official locations. Anyways, I think I'll not even be in Amsterdam or the Netherlands by then due to a higher priority event in my life.