RE: First Popularity Points in 2nd City .:. dCity Investment Progress

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What is considered an expensive thing in DCity? I think they are all expensive given the current prices.

That's a good question... :) and the answer is different for different people... In my personal view, the "expensive" card is the one that needs 2x more time to payout itself than some other card... As I'm a bit detailed guy, I have spreadsheets for all my stuff, and Dcity is on the list...

So, I calculate ROI for cards and if I can get back my investment faster for a certain card, I will buy it... But, some cards are special and you just HAVE to buy them (Hospital, University, etc...), but you don't have to do it NOW...

I check prices daily and pick the cards that got cheaper...

I have just been letting my SIM fill up in my HE account. Maybe it will overflow enough for me to get SIM holding rewards.

I'm doing that also... And adding a bit from daily profits to that amount... Just to have some "liquid" SIM... ;)


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