Diesel Pools Liquidity Pairs are Growing by the Day

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Some fast-paced growth happening with the Diesel Pools. How long we can keep this growth? I am sure no one will be having fun once the growth stops and the whales pull their liquidity from the pool. I have not removed anything from the pools I am in, but when I do I will report back with what kind of gains were realized, *not speculated about.

Previously trying liquidity pairs out on the Expanse Network, I have a good par so to say for what I would expect to come from a low volume liquidity pair like the ones in the diesel pool. Perhaps we will outgrow the Expanse/Egg/WAGMI Pair and then I will be able to attract that community in my decentralized circle of followers towards this platform.

"I stopped using Hive & Steemit and all of those governance platforms because I hate letting someone else moderate my content" - Expanse staker who turned down my incentivized offer to come back to Hive, but had been off steam for years.

Sadly this is still the outside perception of the platform, aside from rare occurrences with Hive Watchers and a few bad omen trolls this platform has come a long way from Steem, and these Diesel Pools at Tribal DEX Truly put us in a league of our own now compared to the Justin "Hernán Cortés" Sun movement happening over in the genocided nation of Steemit.

Which Liquidity Pair would you pick from the list of Diesel Pools?

Sorted by VolumePairTotal LiquidityBase QuantityQuote QuantityPriceVolume
1HIVE:DEC46,375 HIVE $11,15424,662 HIVE8,692,003 DEC352.43571826 DEC/HIVE 0.00283739 SWAP.HIVE/DEC17,730 HIVE $4,264
2HIVE:BEE84,409 HIVE $20,30242,229 HIVE42,202 BEE0.99936521 BEE/HIVE 1.00063519 HIVE/BEE4,969 HIVE $1,195
3HIVE:PAL12,711 HIVE $3,0576,578 HIVE92,898 PAL14.12077604 PAL/HIVE 0.07081763 HIVE/PAL987 HIVE $237
4HIVE:HBD3,291 HIVE $7921,724 HIVE348 HBD0.20186647 HBD/HIVE 4.95376966 HIVE/HBD820 HIVE $197
5HIVE:WEED1,039 SWAP.HIVE $250504 HIVE3,991 WEED7.91528612 WEED/HIVE 0.12633782 HIVE/WEED162 HIVE $39
6HIVE:NEOXAG3,025 SWAP.HIVE $7281,525 HIVE370,127 NEOXAG242.56707195 NEOXAG/HIVE 0.00412257 HIVE/NEOXAG52 HIVE $13

Remember the low volume pairs can lead to drastic increases in liquidity, what kind of yields should we expect?*

Take the dPoll and see what others are saying about Diesel Pool Liquidity Pairs.

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