RE: I lost all my HIVE through LeoDEX. Whose fault was it?

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funny, you have time to create post and you have no idea where to contact in case of issue.

Did you used "Check liquidity" before executing your transaction?

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Well, I couldn't find any help or support centre on LeoDEX website. You know, I'm a @stupid! If you want to help, you can contact the team on my behalf. Would you?

I did check liquidity and it was about 70x more than my requirement. I also noticed transactions sent after mine being successfully executed. What else I needed to do?


It's Leochat in, that have Discord link. You need to navigate to #tech-support channel afterwards.

Discord Invite Link for your convenience

your case is dropped their Discord tech-support and tagging @gerber and @khaleelkazi here too.

Hope you get your fund soon.

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Thanks for all you did! I appreciate your efforts for helping the issue resolved in my favour. I received the HIVE in my wallet today.


Thanks Bud. that is awesome tip. I hope your Leo journey will be nice and without hiccups.