HIVE.PIZZA Witness Update, Project Update, & Rewards!

Hello everyone! We've seen an explosion of growth over the past week and we have quite a few new faces hanging out in the PIZZA…

PIZZA Token | Earn Money Passively! Weekly Updates & Rewards

Hey Everyone! Things are really getting exciting at PIZZA and for PIZZA holders! We have seen a large influx of new holders and…

PIZZA Token | Weekly Rewards, Diesel Pool Info, and Updates

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've had a kickass week. If not, we're sending you some extra good vibes to get through the remainder of…

PIZZA Token | Weekly Updates & Rewards!

Hey everyone! We hope you've had a wonderful week! Let's jump right into things! HiveIsBeautiful For those who don't know, we have a…

PIZZA Token | Much more than a 'gift' token

As many of you know, PIZZA is one of the fastest growing tokens on the second-layer here at HIVE. Not only has PIZZA exploded past 3,000…

PIZZA Token | New Hive Game Servers, Staking, and Rewards

What's up Pizza Crew? We've had another exciting week! We're happy to announce a long awaited contract as well as some new roll outs…

PIZZA Token | Staking Enabled & Reward Changes

Hey Pizza Crew! We're excited to announce that we've enabled the long awaited staking feature for PIZZA token! This means you can now…

PIZZA Token | Staking Tool, Rewards, & Development Updates

Heyyy Hivians and PIZZA Crew! We blasted through a few more objectives last week and have a few things to go over! Let's jump right…

PIZZA Token on Hive-Engine | Witness, Updates, and Rewards!

It's been another fun week at HIVE as we executed the Hardfork. Let's take a look at how things went and as always, get to those juicy…

PIZZA HIVE Witness Announcement

We are excited to announce that the witness node is officially deployed and is now helping to power the HIVE blockchain! This…

$PIZZA on Hive-Engine announces Delegation Rewards, Bot Updates, & More!

We're helping put HIVE on the map HIVE is a wonderful community and we intend on making sure people know about it. @hivetrending and I…

$PIZZA Token Giveaway, Rewards, & Tokenomics Update

INTRODUCTION Hey crew! We hope your week is going well! The Discord has been bustling with activity and things are starting to get…

Have you Heard about the PIZZA Token?

None of this is financial advice. The PIZZA token was first introduced by @thebeardflex as a fun token project for the general…

$PIZZA Token | Weekly Updates & Rewards

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to ou

$PIZZA Token | Hive-Engine & DLUX Witness Announcement & Holder Rewards

Witness Announcement Hey everyone! We are extreme