trip to Lefkada island

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hello friends, I'm joining with a wonderful story about the amazing island of Lefkada where I made great memories this summer lefkada island is located in greece and it is an amazing place that i decided to go to by chance to be honest i had decided to go to zakynthos Has anyone been there, if so, share your experience in the comments I will leave it for next summer if you ask me, I want to travel the whole world, but everything happens with time, are there others like me

this is an amazing view from a panoramic terrace of a high mountain village on the island i sat down to drink their traditional greek lemonade

here a little friend was resting in the shade above and I decided to add him to the story. it strikes me that there are a lot of yivots on the island who hang out at restaurants and people take care of them
Greeks are very cheerful and good people, whenever we sit down at a cafe or restaurant, they first bring us something to welcome us from the restaurant but repent me, how can you not wish to stay here forever at this sight

I recommend you to visit it, you will fall in love with the energy this place has I hope you like the pictures.

Have a nice day