Poshbot proposal needs your support

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@poshbot proposal is now active but has not reached a funding level.

@poshbot current handles over 3,500 Hive Tweets a week and planning on already started working on Reddit proof of sharing as well. Since it has started it has handled over 85,000 Hive related tweets.

@poshbot has been a very popular addition to the Hive ecosystem and encourages users to share Hive content on third party social media sites increasing Hive exposure and awareness.

@poshbot still needs around 10M HP approval to become active.

You can read about the proposal in detail here.

@poshbot has received thousands of positive comments expressing thanks.



@poshbot's presence helps encourage and remind users to get out on social media and let people know about Hive. Right now it supports Twitter but the plan has always been to support other social media platforms.

My favorite thing about @poshbot is the fact you do not need to do anything but share a link to any of the popular Hive front ends, it does everything without requiring special hashtags or mentions. It just works!™

Your support on proposal #162 would be greatly appreciated.

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