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It feels like there is no time to waste this December with the market. I was expecting a quiet end of the year where little news will circulate in the market. I guess it is purely the opposite in the whole nine yards. Now lack of trust is amplifying #binance token where value is eroding like crazy. It affects again most of the market cap of crypto.

Now the minute you see issue in one part of the financial market, it will spread elsewhere. The Fed adding more to the interest rate disturbs the market in a way. Taming inflation has never been so capital. It shows where we came from even late with the word transitory, to continue to cut into the inflation while hurting others. I guess the goal to reach 2% is still in the making.

Right now we are at 7% and this is a long way to get there. Unemployment is slowly coming down. Essentials are still driving the market. The gap from 2020 is fading away and leave us with the surge of inflation. While December should be solely a holiday month, it is more than that lately. I have to say business as usual. It has been that way just the difference lately the bear market can be felt by most of us.

Yesterday #lpud was the mark with many jump and took advantage to support the community. Today #hive is tempting. The time is right if you have in mind for daily cost average. I am not sure if the price will go lower but today is the day to make a move. I read a post suggesting the minute you see the market is heading South, you can be sure it will take the other direction in the incoming months.

If you make a move, take a risk, you probably will get rewarded when the market changes direction. Like I always say risk is what make you bold. #hive is one token that make it the best way possible. Hard to predict a price floor for crypto. It is so volatile and unsteady, you could easily drop everything and run. Where are you heading? Got to day it the minute liquidity is lacking, the market is reacting. In order to understand the value of the bull, you need to experience the impact of the bear. Hope when the time comes, you grab life by the horns. Keep vesting in yourself.

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