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I am poking fun literally at myself by saying that. Actually I am serious for even give it a thought to start. I feel like it is important to start the rally and be determined to reach it again. As you know #hive has reach $3+ before. 50 cents should be a laughing matter to even think about it. I have to tell you I did purchase quite a few times this #november. If the price climbs, inside I will be happy knowing I bought when it was low.

This is the best moment to do so. I figured out for every dollar spent either fiat or #hbd, I was getting 3 Hive on the dollar. If the price appreciates I like the deal. Actually I had a goal and I am almost there by year end. Hive is always in a good state of mind. This is the token with no regard to bear or bull market. It will react to what at stake.

Do you remember during the lock period of the #hard fork. Hive was trading sideways giving the impression there is a little problem. Gladly we had #leofinance #defi in our disposal. You could easily swap Hive or HBD via #cubfinance easily. The system was and is working with no disruption. I have to say this is year one. As the platform is growing, liquidity is growing it will be the next level for Hivers to come in and out of Hive with ease.

I feel like there is a line of holders waiting for Hive to reach below 20 cents. It may never happen since I am waiting as well. Lately it is hard to predict and predict the price of any token within 6 months. This is not the point knowing inflation has a say with the price. We need more holders. We need more services associated with Hive. Having layer-2 like #leofinance growing is a penchant for a great brand with Hive.

It is the same for #splinterland, #tribaldex and other front end using the Hive blockchain. I fairly use others so I focus everyday with Leofinance. They are working hard to maintain that lead as well. Leofinance community is the strongest in my opinion. By the way holding Hive and HBD in #cub could be in the future a game changer for #cub token. I like that association for the betterment of the community. Liquidity is the elephant in the room. The minute it is resolved you can be sure how focus and important the whole ecosystem will be. In the name of DEFI, Hive with decentralization has one way to go: growth.

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