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I have been thinking really hard for the past couple days about #leofinance. This way I can plan wisely for 2023. Before I go further I did receive my pc before the due date. I am writing the post in it. I took the opportunity of black Friday sales to activate the purchase. It is fast. I am worried already since the CPU is water cooled. Crossed fingers it last a good four years. All I am going to use it, Hive blockchain, business. Even though it is a gaming model I may never play games in it. Never say never though.

While I imported everything from one PC to another, Hive keychain extension did not transfer any sensitive details. I have to dig deep and add again everything to make it work. This is good news. Safety and security is primordial when you deal with blockchain. It is good to know, you need to save your key elsewhere in case your PC stops working. An opportunity to do some cleaning and start fresh. Glad to have a new PC so I can start next year fresh. Actually my son is so happy to use the other PC for school and others.


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Every time I look at this numbers, I see opportunity raining over us. First one has to do with circulating supply. Actually this one alone speak volume. Only 13 million. This is the base token of project blank. This is the token that enable all other tokens you see in use within #leofinance ecosystem. Holding this token will inevitably propel your stake in the long term. I know actions speak louder than words. I will be nonsense for us to expect one person to lift Leofinance to the altar.

I am waiting to see when holding Leo powered will bring more to the table. Posting has its place. Taking care of holders/ investors will bring another of scale of incentives to the platform. The team is working hard and they prove to be worthy of our support. I wish I have more time. I make sure the little I have I give it to the community. So much we have at our disposal. The best so far is #leothreads. This place speaks dynamite. 2023 is about to make this community something worth waiting.

As you read around, you witness the nonstop factor around here. Continue to stay informed. I am doing the easiest way to support, hold Leo and share my thoughts. More of us holding Leo will eventually put pressure on the price. As you know crypto will only go up. Going up does not have to be in price. It could be in quality. To push decentralization everyone needs to plan and hold as much as you think, you can make a difference. I do not want to say a sacrifice. It will be more of a risk knowing what you will get back in return.

Leofinance does take care of all holders and delegators. I did reach my goal a couple of months ago. Now I am going full swing and keep holding in all corners. The market is asking us to hold and prepare for what to come. Leofinance is the place to do so.

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