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You probably read the twitter drama about censoring others that are promoting another social media on #twitter. I did not know this is happening very soon. At some point the effect of $44 billion sound ridiculous. When you think of the business effect it is another nail in the coffin of twitter. If you run your business solely over there and you are promoting for free, this could be it. Personally I hardly use twitter. It takes time and effort to be over there and put yourself out.

So far Being on #hive, Leofinance, #threads may be enough for me. I will never say never. This is a situation that will provoke more folks to leave and look for other open social media to come running. I am sure #hive will get some folks. #leothreads is in a position to do a market grab. So if I get it right after posting on Leo, I cannot do a twitter link back to my post. Again we are back to work and fine tune #leothreads to start making headways.

This is another way to say competition at its best. People will be where they are appreciative of their work and grabbing followers. Twitter has been around and it is build for this stage. It is clear we have the upper hand with a blockchain association and free to join. Bringing folks over is another battle that may distinguish what we stand for.

When you have crypto part of the equation, patience is needed. it is almost nonexistent to think of crypto as a viable way forward. I am saying now. Long term this is it knowing we can build trust again. As we the holders persevere and show the newcomers, this is the way I think social media can be decentralized. I am hoping to see #leofinance start using promotion and enhance the user base in that direction. Like I mention patience is the key to push this blockchain higher.

I am hoping the promotion factor will bring another eye to the community. Many will continue to use twitter wisely. Even #twitter knows well without users, they are done. If you use #threads, you know we can only get better from there. I don't signal all these for this year. it is a sign we only go positive by 2023. Big up for #leothreads.

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