RE: Why Do You Invest In Hive?

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Hive(community) is the first true community I used to interact with blockchain technology.
I like the effort to push for decentralization.
Even though I have seen bad actors, Hive ecosystem
respect everyone and this is truly a place you can come and feel like you are part of something big.
Hive helps you to build with patience.
When you see time you put in and see the progress everyone is doing to get this place where it is now
I give prop to you all.

Holding is the best part of Hive.
We secure the system and put it on our back.
Hive-engine keeps us busy.
I have to give it to them
with #leofinance in charge of everything
I know about #DEFI.
What else can I say?
This place is like second home to me.


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