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March is about to salute us all for a great month. I think it will be a stinky to say. That was not the case if focus to make a living was your credo.
In HIVE/LEO world we can say happily we had our work cut for us.

Everyone have been waiting for the institution to come over and shower the crypto world with 1% allocations of their funds. So far grayscale, Microstrategy,Tesla, cashapp to say the least has joined the rank. I am still optimistic for the greatest transfer of wealth.

It may not happen so fast. New sheriff in town. The stock market is in disarray. Lack of rare earth materials are hindering the industrial space. Right under our nose, so much is happening.

For now it is important for retail investors to start making the smart move. Two years ago I couldn’t understand the fact to move 90% of funds to crypto away from fiat. It is getting clearer why this is the way to go.

With the emergence of #defi, it is possible to stake, farm your funds to earn interest in the back end. If this motion is sustainable CUB finance has the door open wide to grow easily to $100 millions by year end.

Many lives will change. Mine is starting to shape by the knowledge I gather to settle the way I need it too.
This is the time for retail investors to find the right balance and invest in stable defi project.

When we start talking about $100k BTC, institutional investors will make their move quicker. I know time is the essence of what should come. I was talking to a friend with knowledge of network security. He stated the learning curve is too much in the crypto world.

I think this part is truth but technology is not for everyone. The earning is whoever see the big picture. At least he is learning it and buying. No need to wait for the big ones to come. When they come it will be too late for many

Actually my friend is interested in crypto with cloud infrastructure like filecoin, siacoin,etc... I was shocked he is asking me questions about crypto.
The learning mixed with experience is something I cherish.

I meant to say learning is a constant matter in order to continue your quest in crypto. Right now I am spreading the words for cubdefi and that way I can help and grow my entourage.
Before institutional get involved big time
Keep stacking satoshis

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