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This week alone runs in all cylinders. So much going around, you do not know what to say. I watched #bloomberg, they had a crypto show for one hour. You know too well what they were talking about. That Tuesday should be about #election but crypto took over the news sphere. Today is Saturday and the circle is still going around. Now it is about a hack. There is one thing that capture my attention. Crypto as a whole has been touched hard.

Crypto is a resilient technology that will survive and refine forever. I know you can feel the pain even if you ever used a centralized exchanger. The fear is growing and upbuilding at the same time. Transparency is unveiled at all level if you want people to use your platform. Personally I use #coinbase and I am sure they will speak and assure the holders that funds are #safu. I think this action is giving booster for regulations to come quicker than ever.

I was laughing inside when I read the #wh is watching the #ftx dilemma. Is there something they can do? #binance did what it has to do in the open, putting pressure on the market for #ftx to liquidate the funds apparently they do not have in the first place. That is a problem. Since it happened it is making the market stronger to the extent we the users should know better. If it is not in your possession, you have no control over it.

I keep asking myself, where #sbf has enough funds to participate in #twitter fire sale? Luckily #musk declines since he has an eye for liquidity issue. I would not know that since I do not count billions in a regular basis. Now #bankrupcy is looming, giving the whole situation another view. Many has lost, giving crypto a black eye.

By the way #btc remains steadfast trading persistently according to the market. Even #hive is slowly grappling with what available. Moments like these are only giving crypto with decentralization more support. It is hard to decentralize everything around crypto. It is difficult since everyone has the right to do business when they want to. Order is important to preserve a status quo.
Trust is another pile in the mix for crypto to move forward. I know we have to move on but we cannot forget. Got to learn and find common ground to make it work the right way. Keep on vesting.

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