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It is already fourth day into December. This is the part of the year you need to be vigilant about finance. At the same time, not much is going on. Many sectors are not functioning properly giving ways for holidays and vacations. Each year does not operate in a similar pattern it does not stop us from planning and see where opportunity will pop up. In the cryptocurrency world, it will take some months to wane away from #ftx drama. It was a real eye opener when many lost millions altogether. I am blaming a miseducation of crypto.

I read a #thread the other day saying only the folks with no prior crypto knowledge will use #ftx. For some reasons, I do not use #cex. I know they are trying to look like regular banking institution with crypto in mind. After #ftx, many more will fall. Lately #gemini is on a hole for $900 million. I cannot believe the #winklevoss could made such mistakes. After all you cannot cut corners with crypto. Either you do it right and follow the proper guidelines all the way.


This is the effect with #hive. I know many wants us to advertise in a big way. Promotion makes sense when you have a product people can understand. Promoting #hive is a half win case. While #hive looks simple on top, beneath it, you have to understand the whole blockchain consortium to get the idea. Many think coming to Hive will get you a #lambo. My first post I got $20. I was in heaven. My second post I got 5 cents, I was lucky. I know #tags have to do with it.

As the years go by, Hive will grow within itself. I hope I am saying it right, Hive is all about building confidence and trust. Lucky for us no matter what month you are, you will get the same exercise. Post, comment, curate, upvote, rinse, repeat, be happy.
Looking at Hive price, this is literally the best we can do as a team. We all can dream of seeing the dollar mark, rest assured it is possible as long we remain steadfast and continue in the road ahead of us. image.png

Every time I look at the daily volume of $3 plus million, I know it is more when you add #blocktrades and #hive-engine plus #leofinance DEFI, Hive is shredding waters where other cryptos are plain left on the dust. After the debacle of FTX and Voyager, etc... You and I should be content to see Hive stays in course. December is not a month to take lightly. It is a month with the goal to prepare next year.

When you fully understand Hive, it is a year round phenomenon. I mention not long ago the dollar can come in December. I rescind for the motion where #crypto as a whole is not in a good place. There will be a lack of liquidity crushing the market. While cryptocurrency is growing, this is the success story that continue to illuminate our world.


This morning I was listening to a senator not knowing what to say about crypto. ALL he said we will continue to monitor the crypto sphere and come up with a plan with my colleagues. All he is saying I do not know how to interact with crypto. From what I understand crypto is already regulated. I think the best case forward should be a dramatic gesture to teach folks about crypto. The more knowledge, the better it will be suitable for us to know the right cause for crypto.

I wonder what is the best part for them to go for crypto. They need funds to run their reelection. Lately crypto will not deliver as always. It is cloudy for the most part. The approach will be meager for the whole 2023. December is not the month to focus on governments and crypto together. Where there is opportunity, you will see Provisional plan in favor of crypto. By the way regulation is for companies like #ftx or Coinbase. #dex has nothing to do with what you may have witness in the past couple months. Keep December close so January will be smooth.
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