Elon Musk: Time is the ultimate currency (Coorest vision)

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Musk was born to a Canadian mother and a South African father and raised in Pretoria, South Africa.
He is famous for so many reasons:
Leader of Tesla and SpaceX.
He gave a name to his child, like being a code !!
PayPal founder.
Many TV acts.
Eccentric figure.
Famous Twitter posts.
The biggest supporter of Dogecoin.

One of his main goals, primary with Tesla, is to reduce carbon emissions, compensate Co2 global footprint and advocate the renewables' industry, reaching sustainable development for the whole world.
This is exactly the same goal as Coorest already has.
Coorest offers a sustainable opportunity to invest and compensate your CO2 footprint via our platform granted by blockchain technology and smart contracts. The mission is to contribute to a CO2 natural world and preserve biodiversity. The Coorest platform facilitates 2 use cases:
— Investing in green projects.
— Compensating Carbon Footprint for companies and individuals.

Time is a scarce commodity, which has maximum supply and it is free for all.
In this way, we have to use the maximum amount of that with the purpose to achieve our personal and common goals.
Self-sustainability and sustainable development are two hot topics that have been forgotten for many and many years.
It’s time to bring them to the table.

More here https://medium.com/@coorest.official/elon-musk-time-is-the-ultimate-currency-coorest-vision-61b5705b548b

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