RE: Is the halt in GLX claim connected to Splinterlands layoff?

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Yeah I think there is more woe to come. Layoffs mean probably another year of delay on Lands rollouts. Also, being new to crypto at the time, and not yet having figured out Hive, I was more comfortable with the new institutional players on the block, and lost everything I would have otherwise brought into Hive to Celsius and BlockFi bankruptcies. Too slow by about 10 hours to get my money out of BlockFi. It's all on me, of course, I should known more I guess about BlockFi's troubles and exposure to FTX.

But, the big thing is that even in June 2021 most of the people I know thought I was crazy to throw my money away in crypto. They are going to need a lot lot lot of convincing to bring money into the snakepit now.

Hive and a couple good Wax games feel almost like the only reasonable places in crypto at the moment, so I am thankful I found them at least!

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