Not Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur

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Most entrepreneurs had the opportunity to taste what financial freedom felt like that was the motivation they needed to hate 9-5 jobs. But just as people loved the financial freedom and the feeling of not working for anyone, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Because just as people keep trying to discredit the 9-5 jobs, we can’t deny the fact that we still need them. If you decide to be your own boss or own your own company, you need employees to work for you because you can’t do it alone.



9-5 job workers and hard labour workers are integral part in our society. If everyone decides to be an entrepreneur and say they don’t want to work for anybody again, who is going to be responsible for the building and construction of our roads and houses, who is going to be responsible for making that delicious coffee you bought at the coffee shop, who is going to be responsible for most of the basic benefits we get. The only thing i find unreasonable is the way the 9-5 job workers are treated. That is what needs to be checked and corrected.

The reason most people don’t like 9-5 jobs is because of the influence of capitalism. The employees do all the extreme physical hard jobs and get paid way less than they are worth. You find people with 20+ years work experience with no achievements to show for it because they have spent those years achieving it for their boss. The best the society can do is try to be considerate on their employees. Reduce the amount of time being spent on work, increase their pay to enable earn decent pay to cater for their needs.

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