Hive Punks Market Activity

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I was curious how much market activity there has been with Hive Punks so I did some analysis and here is what I have.

MonthTotal Sales
11/2175,500 Hive
12/2130,500 Hive
01/229,000 Hive
02/223,200 Hive
03/222,200 Hive
04/222,800 Hive
05/222,700 Hive

This only factors market sales, I know two Punks sold for over $24,000 each in a private sale. I am sure there have been other sales I am not aware about.

Hive Punks recently passed it's six month anniversary being announced during Hivefest.

In the recent months there have been major improvements to the Market History and Filter/Sorting system. There are still more improvements coming and some really cool stuff I can't say anything about right now.

Until then, have you seen our collaboration with @risingstargame?

If you are a Rising Star player, or you would like to be, check out S40 Douglas.


Douglas is a Hive Punks unique card for Rising Star. You can find this card on the Hive Punks Promotion Page for 10 Hive.

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