Using D.Buzz to Spread Out Words about Hive and Leo

I have just started using d.buzz a few days ago. It's a microblogging platform that just looks like Twitter. You could just write a few…

My Experience Staking Crypto Currency in Pancakeswap

Hi Everyone, I would like to share my experience staking some crypto coin in a DEFI based on Binance Smart Chain called Pancakeswap.…
10 mo

Improving Our Home Business: The New Filling for The Buns

Since we accidentally started our buns cake (very) small business a few weeks ago (from the time of this post is written), we had…

Trying Dapplr Multi Photos Upload Feature

11 mo

JFC: The Balinese Franchise Fried Chicken Business

Today I went to take my kids to have lunch out. I knew they wanted to go to KFC, but I would like be more economical in this covid-19…

Attending Webinar About Indonesia Stable Coin and Alternative Investment

This was my first time attending a webinar using Zoom. The webinar was held by pintu.co.id, a relatively new app for buying and selling…

Dear Top 20 Steem Witnesses, Why are you powering down ?

Hey all, Like what the title said, I've been going thru the witness list and adjusting my votes then I start
1 yr

Publishing my articles in Publish0x to get More Rewards

I noticed many steemians published their steemit articles in publish0x . At first, I was wondering if it is okay to cross post between…
1 yr

vlog3: How Steem Shaped My Day Today

Hello, I would like to share with you about my day today. The things I discussed in the video is anything that I did that is related to ste