RE: How KOL is the Bityard affiliate program?

just a KOL referral program

RE: SafePal Wallet and the launch of SafePal Token (SFP)

I didn't tried the hardwallet but everyone who did and I know said is great!

RE: The noise, the steam, the scandal (weekly crypto news)

Nice one! !LUV

RE: High fees, slow transactions! OKEx strike 3! You're OUT!

I totally agree! The purpose was to experiment the great offer they have for the users Posted via proofofbrain.io

RE: The higher you climb, the harder you fall! (weekly crypto news recap)

Nice one !LUV bro! Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

RE: The Trust Wallet Token (TWT) distribution and how I staked TWT on PancakeSwap

Still trending and still showing strenght

RE: Harvest Finance and the power of Pay It Forward!

Yes... not all are fortunate in this cruel world