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MRHB DeFi aims to bring innovation in the Cryptoverse, by creating the world's first shariah-compliant decentralized finance platform. MARHABA is powered by a team of dedicated experts in the fields of finance, technology, and Islamic Finance & Theology. Marhaba means “Welcome” in Arabic and give a clear message about the mission to welcome and introduce more people to crypto finance opportunities.

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What means shariah-compliant?

shariah is a religious law part of Islam, deriving from the core precepts and interpretations of Quran and Hadith. It derived from the Arabic term "sharīʿah", which means the immutable divine law. Some key notions of shariah will overlap with the Western notion of law while others notions will link with being a good citizen and living life in accordance with God's will.

The jurisprudence was applied in shariah courts by ruler-appointed judges, sorting out community issues and family disputes. The modern days legal education in the Muslim world integrated shariah and modernized the concepts without abandoning the traditional foundations.

The idea of Saria-compliant finance has become a main topic for innovation and development in Muslim communities and the implementation of shariah-compliant finance will have a major boost on global business operations. MRHB DeFi goes above and beyond by integrating the shariah concept into Marhaba, opening a brand new world that maintains the foundation of Islamic beliefs.

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The MRHB DeFi round 2 of the pre-public sale took place on the 14th of November 2021, and the event was successful. The raising interest for shariah-compliant decentralized finance is a proof that cryptocurrencies and blockchain solution are the way forward for all industries.

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The MRHB DeFi space aims to bring the Muslim community into the Cryptoverse, not to create an exclusive platform only for Muslims. The vision is "Muslims also not Muslims only!", encouraging the participation in modern finance while being shariah-compliant. The team expertise and knowledge in Islamic Law, Finance and blockchain technology will create synergy between cryptocurrency and Theology.

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What is MRHB DeFi?

MRHB DeFi is the whole ecosystem of shariah-compliant smart contracts, a place where the blockchain transactions are respecting the Islamic principles for trading, lending and borrowing. The core concept is to promote "inclusive DeFi" based on trust, security and transparency. Blockchain transactions are always transparent and secure, and all the transfer of funds can are accountable because blockchain is forever.

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MRHB DeFi adapted all classical tools and blockchain solutions into shariah-compliant products. The Sahal Wallet, Souq NFT, DePhi Protocol and the Liquidity Harvester are products that integrated the latest technology, ticking all boxes for quality and privacy.

Sahal Wallet is the MRHB DeFi non-custodial wallet, available on both iOS and Android wallet. The wallet is built to institutional standards with a high level of security and and integrated shariah filtering technology - only compliant tokens being stored and traded. The non-custodial wallet will allow users to interact with MRHB offerings and keep their cryptocurrencies away from centralized platforms. Never forget the Rule 1 of crypto-investing: Not your keys, not your crypto!

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**Souq NFT **is the tool that will allow artists to create and upload art into the blockchain, converting it into Non Fungible Tokens. I learned during my visit in Dubai that Souq (or Souk) means market, same as the Turkish Bazaar, and this is exactly what MRHB created! Souq NFT is a cross-chain market that promotes Islamic Arts and Calligraphy.

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The Liquidity Harvester will be the cross-chain passive income generator for the masses. Users will be able to generate 5-15% APY from stablecoins via Liquidity Minding under the Mudarabah contract with low risk. This product acts like a traditional bank where people will deposit assets and earn residual income.

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shariah-compliant Lending and Borrowing will be interest free under transparent collaterlised loans. The **DePhi Protocol **focuses on philanthropy and is powered by ZK-Snarks Privacy for absolute privacy and anonymity. Users can donate to approved charities across the globe without worrying about privacy, while checking every step of journey from the Sahal Wallet to the destination.

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**Launchpads **are helping the start-ups and small projects to make a name in the Cryptoverse. The MRHB Launchpad integrated the Quadratic Funding model to create shariah-compliant funding for entrepreneurs around the globe, breaking down borders and barriers.

**DAO Governance **is the target for MRHB DeFi, where $MRHB holders will have full control on votes and proposals. The level of governance will be expanded to changes to the protocol, avoiding non-shariah or unethical issues in a decentralized manner.

The smart contracts will enforce shariah and prohibit unlawful assets, usury "Riba", gambling "Maysir" or excessive risk "Gharar". The Shariah-board will over watch and ensure that all activities on HRHB DeFi are compliant.

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The Team

Marhaba DeFi team is an amalgam of professionals from various fields, each individual adding out-of-the-box thinking and innovation for the MRHB products. The managing board is assisted by advisors and by the Shariahh Board

Marhaba links and social media platforms:

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