FarmFarmer Day 7

Collection ![farm7.png](

CBI Token Update Day 15

Only Token Holding value? Circulating 997022 Bought back 1000 Burnt 1000 Remaining 996022 SteemPower 101819 Yes we are still…

Highest Returns on Steem?

After doing an update on CBI daily lets try something different. Lets see what the best return token or sp delegation service there is on…

CBI Token Update Day 9 (EPIC UPDATE)

Circulating 997222 Bought back 200 Burnt 200 Remaining 997022 SteemPower 66664 Buyback wall set at 0.1 for 5258 cbi 100 tokens…

CBI Token Round 3 Day 4

Circulating 999922 Bought back 300 Burnt 300 Remaining 999622 Steempower 64037 A buyback order has been set for 200 cbi at 0.102…

CBI TOKEN ROUND 3 20% Apr Fixed

Round 3 Format has changed Round 1 returned 10-20% Round 2

CBI Token Update Day 10 (150steemp Jackpot)

Leave a comment claim some steem Buyback price 0.116 Number of CBI 10000 Bought back 2000 Remaining 8000 No change in buyback…

CBI Update day 2

Buyback price 0.102 Number of CBI 10000 Bought back 0 Remaining 10000 In a nutshell there is a 2% return after day one. Buyback…

CBI Update day 1

So that kicked ass! Less than 24 hours and over 9k sold wow! I have taken 10k off the market and wont be put back on. So we have a max…

CBI Token Round 2

THIS TIME ITS SERIOUS!!! I was going to give an in depth analysis of how the token works and will grow. Last time round i got a few…

20%+ in just over a week

Bought back all CBI tokens giving a return of over 20% to some investors A handful of early investors got back over 20% in just over a…

CBI Token 3 days in

Just short of 4000 tokens sold Token sales have slowed down but considering this is only 3ish days old. Thats amazing. When i launched…

TOP 30 BABY!!!

Yeah! Cute baby looking kinda scary CBI are in the top 30 on steem-engine. Its been less than 24 hours and somehow we have made it in…

CBI Token

Account run by @qam2112 COLLATERAL BACKED INVESTMENT CBI is 100% backed by holdings of SBI tokens Each CBI is 10% the value of SPI SPI…

Bargain tokens

Everyone loves a bargain. With the price of steem down considerably its a great time to pick some up. Better still tokens on steem…

Whale mission 5 days later

Current power 1510 Target 5000 Remaining 3490 After 5 days target is looking achievable within a shorter time frame. Not much from…

Satoshi Nakamoto lives round the corner from me

So this dude is from Manchester which is a 20 min drive from me. I have asked around and will find this dude to go talk to him to figure…

Who done it?

Been reading the big reveal about who created bitcoin Part one is about why and who helped him Part 2 of the reveal will be tomorrow…

Another day another tribe

I am part of or invested in almost every tribe and token on steem engine(which is a lot) so would be rude not to try this one out too.…

Whale mission Week 1

Upfund.me are offering whale packages 5000 power for 100 steem. Which is a really good deal. Im trying to get to 5000 with smaller buys…