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It wasn't until late in my life that I learned how important it is to set goals and pursue them. Before, I was ... "a dreamer", I thought that someday I would achieve something amazing, someday I would definitely become someone influential. I just didn't think about how it could become a reality!

But now I think about it...

...and two important conclusions arise:

First - I have a lot of work to do!
Second - With the right approach, what many people call dreams can be called goals!

So, I'm setting myself goals for 2022.

I will try to make them all SMART

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound.

First goal:

2000 Hive Power

I will try to achieve a large part of that 2000 by buying a hive for a fiat. More SMART conditions will be met this way as I know how much money I can spend, and I know current Hive price. What I cannot measure is the amount of rewards I am going to get through the year.

Second goal:

More than 2% of shares in SWAP.HIVE:BXT pool.

This goal, ties in with my 5 year + long term plans, is definitely doable. But whether I think it is a good decision to increase my BXT position at @beeswap is a topic for another post 😉

Third goal:

Achieve 1500 chess rating at chess.com

I am a chess beginner (playing few months now). I did some research and according to internet 1500 should be achievable rating in 1 year for an average human.
Chess rating graph
Image source

Fourth goal:

Six super high quality posts/guides for dCity.io.

Thanks to this game, I'm on Hive. I really like dCity game, and honestly I think it's very undervalued - one of the reasons why this is so is not to present what the game is about in an accessible, easy-to-understand way for everyone. Modestly, I think that I have little talent for presenting information / teaching, so I decided to create 6 posts that should explain the game on a good level. Posts will be of a very high level and using various media: text, video, stream, graphics.

Fifth goal:

Another goal that ties up with my long term plans - career change. Complete the "Modern JavaScript From The Beginning" course at Udemy. If I do my lessons regularly, I will achieve this goal without any problems.

Sixth goal:

Completion of the first phase of the uniquestyle.shop opening - I will describe exactly what I have to do in another post.

That would be it when it comes to the goals that I wanted to save and account for them exactly at the end of 2022.

Of course, I have many others, but there is no need to save and track them- I would waste more time describing everything instead of doing it 😅

I wish you all a successful 2022, a little luck, but most of all perseverance in pursuing your goals!

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