Dogecoin = Tesla !

Who would have envisioned that a dog-themed meme coin would ever become a legit method of payment for one of the biggest companies in the…

The Power Of Smaller Accounts On Hive

It is easy to fall victim to looking at the larger accounts and all the power they have. When we do this, we are not realizing the…

Firefix VS crypto...The same-old environmental concerns!

I know that it has been a rough couple of weeks in crypto markets and it is, of course, not the best way to start our new year! Bitcoin…

NFTs & celebrities...Is it the "resurrection" of the 2017 boom?

Do you remember the ICO boom of 2017? Of course, you do. Back then, the entire crypto market blew past crazy ATHs with almost no…

Hive Librarian: Best Curating App In The Market

Hive Librarian is an app I made almost a year ago and it has suite of tools that each Hive Bees should have in their toolbox. It also…

CMC went bonkers...so did my portfolio...

A few days ago (December 14), many of us went to bed richer than Elon Musk, or at least, this was what CoinMarketCap told us. But, alas…

The Road To 10 Billion Hive Backed Dollars (HBD)

Stablecoins are turning into a very interesting discussing. There is a lot that is going to change in this realm, especially with…

Top-5 crypto security breaches & scams on the blockchain

One of the few real reasons that crypto seems so risky in the eyes of the main media and newcomers is that it is infested by security…

sh!tcoins will NOT make you a Billionaire!

I guess we all heard of those early veterans who had thrown a few hundred dollars in Bitcoin in the period between 2009 and 2012 and ended…

DCC distribution !

*This is the day. 4 months past after the token was created [DCcoin is created !](

Get upto 5% for holding DCC !

*Almost a month ago I distributed an airdrop for DCC holders. For more details you can read here : [6% for holders of more than 100 DCC &…

Rebranding?!! Does this have anything to do with the Diem project?

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has been surprised at the news that Facebook is about to rebrand to a new name in the coming few…

What You Need To Know About Impermanent Loss - Bitcoin in Extreme Greed Territory!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to another Monday Market update on Coin Logic

What you need to know about "impermanent loss"

Introduction: If you have done anything in Defi, then you certainly have heard of the latest and greatest versions of decentralized…

Introducing Leo.Shorts: Time For The Community Involvement

We are embarking upon a new adventure here on @leofinance along with @threespeak. It is time to try to add another level to our marketing…

A basic introduction to MetaMask

Introduction: Looking into the current bull market, it is no secret that there have been multiple explosions in popularity for few…

6% for holders of more than 100 DCC & 3% for all other holders !

*This is the day. 3 months after DCC was created. You can check that here : [DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !](

5 % to DCC holders !

*As I wrote in the following post : DCC economics - Over 30% APR ! . I'll distribute 5 % to those who are holding more than 100 DCC…
4 mo

Who says "NO" to El Salvador?

It has been incredibly amazing news this year that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. One that spread positivity among the…
4 mo

Is NFT overrated?

As a follower of crypto news, there is something that constantly makes me scratch my head about every now and then. One that could change…