Astral Entities and MuTerra presale

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Astral Entities and MuTerra presale.

I come across 2 games that are going to be presale soon and both is looking enticing to me to invest in it and look like I am little inclined towards them as I come to know about them in the Hive chain only and I am really somewhat has soft corner for Hive.

First I talk about the game Astral Entities that is going for presale today


1. Astral Entities.

I came across with Astral entities when someone hosted the Splinterland's tournament for promoting this game. The game concept struck the chord with me and Discord of this game also look full of the activity. Developers are available to answer your query though the whole concept is in bery early phase.

They are selling various packs at various prices of $6,$150,$400,$1500,$5000 and $7500. More the price of the pack, more limited are the quantities of the pack.

The currency of this game is Astralite and NFT created for this game is supposed to used in multiple games , though launching of game is pending and first game will be released after this presale.

More details about this game will be found by joining the Discord

2. Muterra

I guess this is the first time I am writing about this game though @blackheart1 is the fellow Hiver and the member of Neoxian city ,Look like he is no little busy with it's development plan, but earlier we have lot of interaction Neoxian city.


So presale of Muterra is going live on coming 27th July and gameplay is expected to be available from December of this year.

I am really impressed by the design of the Muterra NFT's and will like to share one as shared by them in twitter


I guess you will find many nice design if you check the twitter profile of the game.

Link to MuTerra Discord

Hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to upvote,reblog and comment. Do not forget to check these presale yourself.

PS: This is not a financial advice, though these game are play to earn but DYOR is always requested.

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