Battling my heart out ,splinterland weekly battle challenge

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So this week battle challenge is Tortisian Fighter and I found out I do not have this card.

Tortisian Fighter.png

But before buying this card I just decided to check the stats of this card with another 4 mana card in water spliner i.e spineback turtle.


For a closer look let's look in the stats of both these card side by side.


So I see that both are 4 mana card and have melee attack as their attack mode but spineback turtle has more health than Tortisian fighter.When as a ability Tortisian fighter gain shield ,spineback turtle gains the thorn ability.

But what is really interesting that Tortisian fighter gain the repair ability at level 8. So Tortisian fighter really scores at level 8.

Unfortunately,I do not have Water or Dragon splinter that can summon level 8 or more but I think @felipejoys shows the very real nice battle in his post

But still I have my battle that earned my win using Tortisian fighter


So battle is fully loaded with magic monster so Tortisian fighter do not stand the chance.


Now it is very clear I am going to win this magic dominated battle.

Battle id

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