How to use Deiselpools effectively.(taking SPT and ONEUP as example)

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How to use Deiselpools effectively.(taking SPT and ONEUP as example)

I guess everyone here is aware of the deiselpools (they are liquidity pools for Hive tokens) and can be accessed at Tribaldex. May be you have used tribaldex for adding liquidity and getting rewards for adding liquidity and may be you used it for swapping the tokens also. But today in this post we will swap a token for which no direct exchange exist and if you want to do an instant transactions may be deiselpools swap are the best thing for you.

Let me sell my SPT instantly.

Ok, I am in need of money or maybe I have some surplus SPT say 1000 that I want to sell and get some another token to invest. I just want to do transaction immediately so that I can buy that token instantly or maybe I just want to get swap.hive for it then I can convert to Hive and cashout at my local currency.


If you see above screenshot, it means that if you have to sell 1000 SPT instantly then you may get 3.33 Hive.

Let see how it can happen with Deisel pool.

*a.) Let's check SPT pool pair in Deisel pool


So I can see SPT has pairing with ONEUP and SPS but it lack direct pairing with swap.hive. By checking ONEUP and SPS, we see both of these have pool with swap.hive so in this example I will take ONEUP.

b.) Swapping 1000 SPT with ONEUP image.png

So we see that 1000 SPT can be swapped for 158.07 ONEUP

c.) Swapping ONEUP for Swap.Hive*


If you see, that ONEUP obtained from step b is now converted to 3.63 Swap.Hive. This is clearly more then 3.33 swap.Hive. so deisel pool helped you to get more swap.hive for same amount of SPT.

So I will always recommend to check diesel pool to if you are selling/buying instantly.

Be liquid ,still get rewarded.

Another great advantage that pool has LP (liquidity provider) rewards too, so you can earn rewards and still keep your token in liquid states for easy cashout.


If you see that, ONEUP-SPT pool has whooping 380% APR for liquidity providers.

Pool give choice for wide range of currencies.

As you already see pool is setup between a pair of currencies and a same currency have multiple pairs, so it can be swapped for multiple currencies.

Don't forget to pay attention to slippage %

If you are doing a large transaction or pool overall liquidity is too low, then pay attention to the slippage percentage. Avoid transaction if slippage is going to cause you lose much money in your transaction.

When you can use Hive-Engine/Leodex.

If you thinking now deisel pool is good place to do transaction then wait, Exchange still have it's own importance as it give you the liberty to make a "buy order" at cheap or create a "sell order" at high and enjoy your day. If price of high-low crossed that point in that day, then you order will get automatically executed.

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