My Curation power: From 0 to >$1 daily ,gradually.

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My Curation power: From 0 to >$1 daily ,gradually.

When I first joined the platform I was always amazed by the capability of user's generating rewards from the virtue of their stake and they used it to reward other authors.

Since I started with 0 and did purchase of some 250 steem overall (that also cover the cost of my SL starter pack too.) so you can assume whatever stake I created is genuinely created here ,just by daily show up, keep staking my Hive and tokens, playing the games in hive ecosystem that kept increasing my token balance.

So it is my activities on this chain that help me to reach this point.


So it shows some high APR of 13.4% and I have no idea why I am not in bracket of 12%(as most of user reported) and I really did not done any powerdown or delegation in last 7 days.


So my Hive curation power is around $4.57.

My tribe tokens are concentrated on (except Leo) resides in another alt account "saachi" so let me check my token curation APR.


So it come around $12.62.

Since My Leo stake is around 7900 and LEO follow linear curation curve, I calculated it still rewarding me around 3.5 leo daily or 100 LEO monthly. So it put me at $20 Monthly for LEO curation.

So my Total monthly curation value come as around $4.57 + 12.62 + 20 = $37.19 i.e making $1 in curation.

What does it not include.

I am currently using less than 50% of HP only out of total 3888 ,2488 is delegated either for community support/prie to HPUD participants or generating passive income.


If I take rewards generated by this HP as curation power rewards, then I am sure my Hive curation rewards will be greater than $10 monthly.

What contribute in my increasing my curation power?

It include varieties of activities that include staking author rewards. staking curation rewards, "buying low,sell high" in Hive Engine, playing game like Splinterland's and Rising star Game ​that keep generating income for me on regular basis.

My Future Goals

I will like to make it tenfold in coming days gradually, so that it will become $10 daily there are many factors affect this, mainly price of tokens/Hive. If Hive and al price become $10 fold tomorrow ,I will reach my goal tomorrow.
Any way I am in no rush and I will keep increasing my stake each day until I hit my goal.

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