Splinterland's 1000 Collection Power: Ideas to reach there if you are in budget. (+ 100 DEC for grab)

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Splinterland's 1000 Collection Power: Ideas to reach there if you are in budget. (+ 100 DEC for grab)

Splinterland's recently announced the change for removing DEC rewards for battles in upcoming days . This really caused uproar in players that how they can survive or in others words it is prompting them to quit.


I thought about the situation and tried to analyze it so that we can find some of the good solution for the players. On the same time I urge the Splinterland's community to keep supporting our new players and welcome them with open heart.

Without wasting much of anybody time ,let me jump and discuss the option that a newbie can have in this current situation.

1. Quitting.

Frankly speaking quitting is the easiest options that you can choose ,stop playing the game and you are in peace with all the changes happening in the game.
But really did you spend $10 with spellbook so that you can quit?
Nah! I think you joined the Splinterland's to fight(the monsters) and earn, quitting do not fulfill this option so hang on friends.

2. Buying the cards

What about buying the cards to make up your collection power upto 1000. Buying is the permanent solution but it may require another $50
in investment ( assuming cheapest are Chaos legion rewards card and they still cost 5 cents for 1 Collection power)


"But I am in budget, not have another $50 to spend."
Agreed, but this is permanent and best solution and you do not need to buy everything from day one, let buy the card when it permits you, even 1 or 2 cards in week but if it feasible for you then buy the cards.
Let explore the other options that reduce the burden of buying the cards.

3. Card Rentals

Card rentals is a great way to bring up your collection power quickly without putting a very serious dent on your pocket.(Unless you are looking for specific cards, otherwise I see for 10 DEC daily you can get enough cards to reach Collection power of 1000).

"ok, I do not have 10 DEC daily earning from game due to this change, what can I do?

If you do not have 10 DEC daily from game, you still do not have to worry, there are plenty of ways in Hive that will allow you to earn 10 DEC daily and much more if you explore them.

4. Taking part in SPlinterland's Challenge.

Splinterland's host a series of challenges for players to earn by posting as you see below.
I personally feel battle challenge and social media challenge are easiest to do but depending upon your skills you might find other challenges are easy. You are allowed to request upvotes in 2 challenge post and at 100% voting power this vote value is $31.
On my last challenge post I earned $24 in Hive + other tokens like LEO,SPT ,ONEUP etc with Steemmonster voting for $10. You may be able to earn much more or less then it depending upon your post and luck
Even if I calculate with respect to Hive my last challenge post will yield $6 HBD. So , doesn't it solve your problem of Rental payment and give you some buffer money to buy cards?

5. Engage and Comment in Hive

Hmm, I am not good in writing posts? so what are my options?
Unless you do not try ,you do not know that how good and bad you will write and there is always a room of improvement. Luckily ,Engaging and commenting in Hive is also beneficial.

You can check the post of @engage1up that specifically upvote the comments and give 100% vote to top commentator. There are several author in LEO and other communities that upvotes comment and it will really help you in accumulating DEC payment for rental, knowledge and confidence to write your own posts.

6. Free Giveaway

Wow! free is always welcome and this will require least effort and have least guarantee to succeed but it is always worth a try. Just go to splintertalk.io interface, you might find some player running DEC/card/delegation giveaway. So try your luck and you may really win the DEC/cards or delegations.

7. Trading

This is the most riskiest proposition but depending upon your skills it may work in favour of you. The best thing in Hive-Engine/Leodex is that buy/sell orders are free. Hive-Engine only charges deposit and withdrawal fees. But if you trade in DEC and transfer DEC from game account to Hive-Engine or vice versa, that will be also free .(same goes with tribe tokens too).
So it is perfectly worth a risk in my eyes when everything can be done for free with no fees involved.

8. Any strategy

I guess ,some of you already created some strategy for yourself that might not be listed here. So any player who have joined in July 2021 or afterwards and still have less than 1000 CP (owned cards) is eligible for 25 DEC gift for suggesting any new idea. Since first 4 will be getting the DEC so do not copy the other idea and I have sole right to reject your entry and copied idea. Do mention that your CP is below 1000 when you write your idea.

But most important is..

Ok, most important thing in Splinterland's is not playing the game but is learning the game because Splinterland's is a tactical game so it is very necessary to know your cards and form the team according to the rulesets.
Even as a bronze league player, you had great chance to excel in your league and tournaments because as card properties changes with level , Champion/Diamond league player find it to hard to play in bronze league.

Overall future is bright.

May be I am biased but I do believe that both game and Hive has future, So hang on and may be couple of year later you might be reaping the same rewards that the veteran players of splinterlands are getting who had build their account well.

Note for New players

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, DYOR. I am avid splinterland's player and own multiple digital assets in this game.


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