Splinterland's : Already earned nice rewards in season chest and season is yet to conclude.

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Splinterland's : Already earned nice rewards in season chest and season is yet to conclude.

This is the first season where daily quest has changed to the focus quest and ride was quite bumpy for me for initial few days when I got 3 potions in 5 Diamond chest and 2 common cards. earning 5 chest was also consumed lot of effort at that time as I feel that may be in initial days competition is little stiff.


Initially I thought that this update is going to lot of dissatisfaction as it is require to play so much and in the end players are not getting good rewards but as the season progressed , I found that my average value of rewards in "focus chests" is actually more as compared to earlier "Daily quest" rewards chest.
At this point of season , I generally earn 10 + 10 or 10 +12 chest (considering my 2 accounts) that make some 20 to 22 chest openings. But in focus chest , I am opening less then 15 Diamond "focus Chest" and I already got 6 Chaos packs , 2 Legendary cards and nice amount of DEC.

When I checked my season+ Daily quest rewards for last season, I see that I only got 3 Chaos packs and 1 legendary only. I am already have earned double number of Chaos packs and Legendries and I still have to claim 5 daily Focus chest and end of season chest. Definitely the rewards are earned multifold and actually more you win, you can earn more more focus chest and this make a good proposition for a skilled players and filling the gaps in your deck that will make game more fun to play for all players.

I also feel good that if due to some reason you are not able to play then you can just rent out the cards and collect some cool rental income.

I am now eagerly waiting for End of season rewards and I am sure that I will some good rewards in that too.

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