Splinterlands : Buying CHAOS packs and analyzing using Peakmonsters.

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Splinterlands : Buying CHAOS packs and analyzing using Peakmonsters.

When the SPS airdrop is coming to it's last days, DEC started touching the low and I started buying DEC as I started feeling if DEC rewards in ranked battle will end then DEC will also go up in the value. May be the things did not go as planned as I was expecting to go but anyways in the end I managed yo get hold of 8 million DEC.

I took the above screenshot after SPS airdrop complete and if you see the current pack sold, look like pack sale is now moving with pace.

I purchased 2000 CHAOS pack that made be eligible for 400 Bonus packs and one of the reason I went for 2400 packs because it make 2400 packs eligible for the airdrop and next airdrop will be of the CHAOS summoners and 2400 packs might help in getting more number of summoners getting airdropped to me.

So I decided to open my CHAOS packs today.


So even I want to open all packs but look like I do not have enough potions in my current account. I have enough potions to open another 200 in another account but I will open in next week. I also do not have much DEC available to buy potions and I am thinking when we are getting so many potions getting dropped daily so let me go 200 packs at a time and let potion get refilled itself. So today I opened 200 packs.

So my today 200 pack opening analysis.


After opening my packs I used "Analyze Packs" feature of Peakmonsters and it list down all the cards I got from the packs and in the end with breakdown of the expected value of the cards. Peakmonster analyze feature shows me the value of the cards is $385.

Let see , how much I spent for 200 packs.

DEC spent for 200 packs = 666667 DEC = $397 Money spent in VOUCHER = 33.33 = $29 DEC spent in potions = 82800 = $49

Total equivalent money spent = $475.

So it means , at current scenario I lost $90 in pack opening.

If I purchased these packs from Hive-Engine, then 200 pack will cost $360 and adding potion will put price at $409, that will still causing loss.

One of the reason, my pack opening gone negative as I did not get any Gold foil Summoner that generally go for nice price.

Anyways, having tools from @peak-monsters is really helpful to analyze the stats and let me see how my stats cone on next week.

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