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Hello community! The game's development is going smoothly, and we are getting close to a phase w

Marketing Update | Landing Page, DUAT Claim Stats, and Brand Guidelines

Hello community! It has been a very productive and emotional week for the Ragnarok NFT game community, wh

The Ragnarok Claim Drop is here!

Ragnarok Claim Drop Update The time has come! The Ragnarok Claim Drop has officially started. Before we share the links we want to…

Ragnarok Landing Page & HiveChat Summary

Hello Hivers! We are happy to announce that we already have a landing page with basic information

Ragnarok Claim Tokens Update

Ragnarok Claim Tokens officially has a launch date! **All Hivers who had Hive and/or Hive Pow

Ragnarok - Marketing Updates - Action Plan #1

Hi Hivers, A few days ago we made an announcement related to the marketing of the Ragnarok game, as we a

Ragnarok - Marketing Updates

Hey Hivers, Ragnarok's development is going smoothly. The art is stunning, and the

Ragnarok Logo Contest Winner!

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce the **[Logo Contest](

Ragnarok Snapshot Countdown!

Ragnarok! The Snapshot is just hours away! We are using the same Snapshot as SPK Network. It