TOP 5 - Warren Buffett's investment rules

Hello friends today I want to reflect a little on Warren Buffett and his mentality. Well, I'm pretty sure you've heard of

Was he a pivot at Doge?

Do you agree that it would be a high bull in the DOGE / USDT? A possible start of an elliott number 3 wave. Possibly other…

Expert report on cub price part 1

Today I will be doing a technical analysis of the cub, I will try to track the price movement from the beginning and for that I will be…

cubfarm x selic rate comparison

Good morning, good afternoon and good night. This is my second post here yesterday I posted about my first experience with cubfarm and…

My first time doing farm cub

this is my first post here the story is A week ago @vempromundo introduced me to LeoFinance, I had already participated in the hive…