#15 Giveaway and Chaos Legion Pack Winner Announcement | Start of the #16 Giveaway

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Hello Everyone !

The Ramadhanight's Special Giveaway is back, with recently market that is bearish, i hope this special giveaway will cheers you up :)



This giveaway will have many series with CL cards and pack as reward, reward on each series are shown below.

Reward List (2).jpg

For today's winner, we got the monster of week for the battle challenge which is portal spinner as the Reward ! And a CL Pack is Given Away as well !!



#15 Winner Announcement

For the #15 Giveaway, We got 37 participants as mentioned below :

@amaillo-m @belhaven14 @blitzzzz @crazyphantombr @danideuder @deathstarer7 @emic @engilhramn @ericburgoyne @gessy @gregory-f @haizelanne @henruc @hoosie @jonimarqu @litrydow @lordshah @luizeba @lundall @middle-earthling @nietokilll @pero82 @rayius @relf87 @scfather @sieghard1990 @splinterob @stekene @tinyputerboy @vagabond42069 @waynechuasy @xheadhunterz @zakludick @sukmhaske @ralts00 @diochen @circlebubble

After i use the lucky spinner, we got @haizelanne as the Winner ! Congratulations ! (I'm Sorry i was unable to take the screenshot since i've just copy another things while opening the paint application and then closed the tab without remembered that i should've paste the result)


CL Pack Winner Announcement

For the CL Giveaway, participant need at least 3 regular ticker and 1 golden ticket, and we got 17 participant as mentioned below :

@blitzzzz @eijibr @ericburgoyne @henruc @ianballantine @jonimarqu @lordshah @maurye23 @middle-earthling @scfather @sheikh27 @sieghard1990 @splinterob @stekene @tinyputerboy @vagabond42069 @xheadhunterz

After i use the lucky spinner, we got @lordshah as the Winner ! Congratulations !




The rules are simple as shown below :

  1. Put a 💬 comment on this post that you're join the giveaway and don't forget to put your Splinterlands IGN as well ! ;
  1. For every participating on each 11-15 series of the Giveaway will get you a Regular Ticket for the Special Prize CL Pack ;
  1. A reblog for the post of giveaway series 11-13 will give you a Golden Ticket for the Special Prize CL Pack (Just 1 reblog is needed to let people know this giveaway and could participating on at least 3 last series. I don't want to spam your profile with my Giveaway, but if you want to reblog every on it, i will be grateful).
  1. For the special prize (CL Pack), you need at least 3 regular ticket and 1 golden ticket, which mean you need to participating on at least 3 giveaway series from #11 to #15 and give a reblog on at least 1 giveaway post from #11 to #13. The winner for the special prize will be at the same time with the #15 winner announcement.
  1. The limit of participating in each round is 5 days (following the countdown). A late entry might count if i got some issue that cause me late processing the giveaway (but not guaranteed, because if i already process it on time but only late to post, your participation still won't count). Don't miss it! get in as quick as you can!
  1. This Giveaway is only for active user and not for bot. Those who have at least 1 post on their hive that could win the giveaway (reblog not counted, you need to post your own writing). If you haven't post anything, make an introduction post, it's easy! (scroll on my profile if you need an inspiration). The lucky wheel will be restarted once i found the Winner is having 0 post.
  1. In case you're affraid of miss this giveaway and want notification, just say #tagmein and i will Tag you on next post. If you want to stop the notification, just say #tagmeout
  1. Upvotes and Tips are NOT required, but are greatly appreciated as this will allow me to do more giveaways with better reward.
  1. Reward for the next 5 giveaway are shown below.

Reward List (2).jpg


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope my explanation is clear enough for anyone who want to participating on this Giveaway. Congratulation for @haizelanne for winning the card and @lordshah for winning the CL Pack, your reward are sent ! For those who don't win today's Giveaway, don't worry ! I still have some cards and CL packs for you !


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Taglist from previous edition's giveaway : @amaillo @deathstarer7 @gessy @haizelanne @henruc @maurye23 @spicywing @xheadhunterz @Cogie88 @zakludick @jonimarqu @danideuder @flummi97 @holdeck @arcpuch @lordshah @sygxwin @crazyphantombr @splinterob @stekene @rayius

Credits @splinterlands for the cool game @peakd for the very useful blog and community platform @peakmonster for the cool card rent platform Mr. Flauwy for the cool dividers
Mrs. carrieallen for the very useful ULTIMATE Markdown Tutorial all curators for their upvotes! @gregory-f @marianaemilia , @archange , @fengchao for keep supporting my post @oadissin for reblogging my post Splinterlands Indonesia Telegram Group Members for make this game more interesting Photopea and Canva for the free photoshop


Thank you